PNCSC 高雄港客運專區 「港埠旅運中心」國際競圖




為 創造高雄港優質的旅客及客戶服務環境,中華民國交通部高雄港務局特擬定「高雄港客運專區建設計畫」並籌建「港埠旅運中心」,以改善現有客運設施及周邊環 境、提供來港旅客便捷與舒適之旅運空間,並整合分散港區及各業務單位之辦公空間、以提昇商港服務品質,進而增進國際交流活動,促進國家及地方觀光產業之發 展。

The Invitation

With a view to create a quality environment in which to serve passengers and clients, the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan R.O.C. has formulated a plan for the “Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District” and the construction of the “Port and Cruise Service Center”. Passenger service facilities and the surrounding environment will be improved, visitors will be provided with more convenient and comfortable facilities, and the offices of various port administrative agencies will be integrated within one area to enhance service quality. Furthermore, the plan will help promote international exchange and boost international as well as domestic tourism.

本計畫 基地位於高雄港苓雅商港區之18至21號碼頭及其後線場地,面積約6.13公頃,並優先辦理19至20號碼頭及其後線場地之「港埠旅運中心」,基地面積約 2.46公頃,完成後可服務停泊於18至21號碼頭之客運船舶。主體空間包括船舶交管中心,辦公空間,國際會議廳,登船廊道,旅客入/出境空間,聯合服務 櫃檯,及其他服務空間等。

The 6.13-hectare district site includes the area occupied by Piers 18-21 and their backyards in the Lingya commercial port district, POK. The Port and Cruise Service Center will be constructed first on the 2.46-hectare area at Piers 19 & 20 and their backyards to serve, upon completion, passenger vessels moored between Berths 18 to 21. The main spaces consist of vessel transportation management center, offices, conference room, boarding ramp, passenger arrival and departure spaces, integrated service counter and other service spaces.


Forging the improvement of the quality and efficiency of passenger and commerce services with development of tourism industry, we sincerely invite outstanding architects and design teams from all around the world to tailor-make a specialized National Marine Gateway of Taiwan, R.O.C. and help build facilities that will become the locomotive for the transformation of Port of Kaohsiung. We warmly welcome you to enter in this competition!



Total Construction Budget

About NT$2,557,000,000. (about US$ 80,000,000)



Service Fees

The service fee for this project is a fixed fee in the total amount of NT$ 230,000,000. (about US$ 7,180,000)


(1) 我國建築師單獨或共同投標。

(2) 外國建築師(或法人、機構)單獨或共同投標。

(3) 外國建築師(或法人、機構)與我國建築師共同投標。


Qualifications for Participation: (for Stage One)

1. Any licensed architect of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) is qualified to tender.

2. Any licensed architect (or Firm / Corporation) of foreign country is qualified to tender.

3. Joint tender is available for licensed architects of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) and licensed architects (or Firms / Corporations) of foreign countries.

For more information, please visit our website or check our tender notice.


繳交投標文件日期(第一階段) 2010/08/30

評選日期(第一階段) 2010/09/02 ~ 2009/09/03

公佈評選結果(第一階段) 2010/09/03

繳交投標文件日期(第二階段) 2010/12/06

評選日期(第二階段) 2010/12/09 ~ 2010/12/10

公佈評選結果(第二階段) 2010/12/10


Stage One Tender Submission Deadline 2010/08/30

Stage One Jury Session 2010/09/02 ~ 2009/09/03

Announcement of the Short-lists 2010/09/03

Stage Two Tender Submission Deadline 2010/12/06

Stage Two Jury Session 2010/12/09 ~ 2010/12/10

Announcement of the Winners 2010/12/10

PNCSC 高雄港客運專區 「港埠旅運中心」國際競圖

For more information, please visit
Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District—Port and Cruise Service Center International Competition



Host Organization

Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications,
Taiwan, R.O.C.


電話:886-4-2326-1799 傳真:886-4-2326-5212


Barry Cheng Architect
TEL: 886-4-2326-1799 FAX: 886-4-2326-5212

::PNCSC 高雄港客運專區 「港埠旅運中心」國際競圖 | Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District—Port and Cruise Service Center International Competition::

::PNCSC 高雄港客運專區 「港埠旅運中心」國際競圖 | Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District—Port and Cruise Service Center International Competition::

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