Akihisa Hirata 平田晃久 + 劉培森建築師事務所 – KPOP 高雄海洋文化及流行音樂中心競圖提案::

Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center International Competition

第 2 名:
投標廠商:Akihisa Hirata (平田晃久) 國籍:日本
共同投標廠商:劉培森建築師事務所/劉培森 國籍:中華民國

Second Prize:
Tenderer: Akihisa Hirata Nationality: Japan
Joint Tenderer: Ricky Liu & Associates Architects+Planners / Ricky Liu Nationality: R.O.C

設計概念 Design Concepts

泡沫狀 Foam Form


「泡沫狀"建築是21世紀建築模式的先驅之一。 在20世紀,現代建築一體化, 是一個資源共享的國際性社會。但是,21世紀我們人類的生活空間應為更寬闊的生態空間, 也就是說我們理想的建築模式從機器化昇華至人性化。

跳脫20世紀建築與自然、戶外和室內界限分明的思維模式, 我們希望創建一個自然與人工元素相融的和諧的生活環境, 如此創造的建築正如具有生命的有機體。

我相信高雄海洋文化與流行音樂中心很適合這種新型的架構,它因應了高雄市濕潤的氣候, 可提供一個良好的戶外空間,同時它是海洋與高雄港都的界線,就像是四面環海的海洋文化島嶼, 同時適合各種不同類型的流行音樂的表演空間。


Foam Form

The Ocean and Land are brought together with breathable foam architecture.

The architecture 「Foam Form」 is one of the pioneers in the 21st century architectural model. In the 20th century, modern architecture reached one of the completions and an international society shared common universality. But we 21st century man should live in a broader framework which relates to ecosystem, which means that, our architectural ideal model shifts from machine to life.

Living world shares tangling order from micro protein structure to macro level like jungle. This is like a single fabric which consists of various hierarchical systems. If the architecture is set as a one of the element for this fabric, is it possible to make a city as an extension? This is a challenge here now.

Go beyond the 20th century’s way of thinking which makes clear distinction between architecture and nature or outdoor and indoor, we would like to create one harmonious order in environmental and manmade elements, and this will create an architecture like a living organism.
I believe KMCPC fits to this new type of framework as it echoes with the humid climate offering nice outdoor space, the boundary location between sea and Kaohsiung city, the background of the marine culture with archipelago network, the performance space for pop music (mixture of the various musics).

Foam Form has following characteristics:
「Foam Form」 resembles bubbles.
「Foam Form」 is breathing architecture.
「Foam Form」 is architecture connecting the sea and lands.


Akihisa Hirata + 劉培森建築師事務所 – KPOP 高雄海洋文化及流行音樂中心國際競圖提案 01

Akihisa Hirata + 劉培森建築師事務所 – KPOP 高雄海洋文化及流行音樂中心國際競圖提案 02

Akihisa Hirata + 劉培森建築師事務所 – KPOP 高雄海洋文化及流行音樂中心國際競圖提案 03
Akihisa Hirata + 劉培森建築師事務所 – KPOP 高雄海洋文化及流行音樂中心國際競圖提案 04

Akihisa Hirata + 劉培森建築師事務所 – KPOP 高雄海洋文化及流行音樂中心國際競圖提案 05

服務團隊簡介 Team Profile


1971 出生於日本大阪府
1994 畢業於京都大學
1997 畢業於京都大學大學院
1997-2005 就職於伊東豐雄建築設計事務所
2005 成立平田晃久建築設計事務所

2009 日本ELLE DECO「日本傑出青年設計師2009」
2008 第19囘2007日本建築學會新人賞(桝屋本店)
2006 入選SD Review(House S)
2004 SD Review 朝倉賞(House H)
2003 安中環境藝術展廳國際競圖入圍
1996 NEG空間設計競圖一等獎
1994 京都大學最優秀畢業設計獎(武田伍一賞)

Akihisa Hirata

1971 Born in Osaka, Japan
1994 Graduated Kyoto University
1997 Graduated Kyoto University, Graduate School
1997-2005 Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
2005 Established Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office

2009 ELLE DECO japan “Young Japanese Design Talent 2009”
2008 JIA (The Japan Institute of Architects) Newface Award 2007 (MASUYA)
2006 SD Review, Finalist (House S)
2004 Asakura Award of SD Review (House H)
2003 International Competition of the Environment Art Forum in Annaka, Finalist
1996 1st prize for the NEG Space Design Competition
1994 The Highest Award for the Graduation Design, Kyoto University



本 所長期與國際著名建築師事務所及專業顧問合作無間,掌握最新設計資訊與趨勢潮流,引進成功的案例與技術經驗。講究設計發展及工務執行能力的提升,致力於電 腦輔助設計、工程管理、技術研發、資材管理等事務的精益求精,促使事務所持續成長。同時敏於察覺環境變遷與時代脈動,及其對空間場所的影響,讓建築作品兼 能反映人文精神,展現設計深度與創意價值。



實 務運作:有系統的整理設計圖說、施工紀錄、作品資料及建材設備等豐富的工程實務經驗與資源,並予以妥善保管與運用。著重技術研發、圖面審查、預算及工期控 制,有效提昇服務品質。嚴格要求施工廠商貫徹執行圖說套繪、材料預審、實品打樣及工地安全、工地衛生、進度管制等事項,確保工程品質完善,維護業主權益。



Our Unique Characteristics
Ricky Liu Associates was established in 1991 by a team of professional architects. We are enthusiastic and possess a unique vision that combines professionalism with innovation in spatial and environmental design. We consider it is the greatest honor to be able to improve the quality of our living environment by completing outstanding architectural work through the cooperative efforts of our diversified expertise.

Growth Motivation
Our firm’s long-term practice is to cooperate closely with renowned international architectural firms and professional consultants. This allows us to capture the most advanced design information and t rends. Our designs are consistently successful as we stay up-to-date and apply the entire gamut of technical experiences to our work. To promote momentum in the growth of our firm, we endeavor to continuously upgrade our design, construction management, technical research and development, material management, and various other processes. Furthermore, we are sensitive to the impact of changes in time and environment on spatial and architectural needs. This sensitivity allows our works to reflect the culture and spirit of the time. Through our depth of design, we provide innovative value and achieve performance excellence.

Our Services

Scope of Work
The scope of our works include feasibility studies, site investigations and analysis, functional and space requirement studies, preliminary designs, regulation and code check, coordination and consultation , design development , computer simulation, model making, construction document, construction method, project budgeting, building permit application, bid package preparation, on site construct ion supervision, and other high quality, and professional services.

Project Portfolio
Through past efforts, we have completed many diversified projects. These projects include: campus buildings, office buildings, apartments, shopping malls, museums, sports stadium, hospitals, hotels, high-tech factories, and other various projects for both the public and private sectors.

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