infinite studio 無限工作室(台北)誠徵建築師


infinite studio 無限工作室(台北)誠徵建築師

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∞ 無限工作室(台北)誠徵建築師,參與本公司建築設計案實踐以及建築設計研究/競圖。

• 全職方案建築師一名
- 三年以上建築師事務所工作經驗,將優先考慮具備建築師執照者
- 負責任有熱忱
- 良好的邏輯思考以及溝通能力
- 能夠獨自完成執照圖說及發包圖說


∞ infinite studio (taipei) is seeking architects to join our current projects, researches, and competitions.

• one full time intermediate architect
- three or more years of work experience at architecture firms (registered architect preferred)
- great passion and responsibility
- strong organizational and communication skills
- previous work experience should include: complete DD and CD drawing sets

please email your resume and work samples to
oo peter

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